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Clwyd Badger Group

Dusk to Dawn

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Conservation of Badgers

Our Aim

Our main aim is the conservation of Badgers and their habitat in North Wales

We think that this is as crucial now as it ever was


About Us

Clwyd Badger Group was founded in 1983 to promote the study and conservation of badgers and their habitat. In the early days the Group concentrated their efforts on protecting badgers in Flintshire and the Wrexham area. As time has gone on our interests have expanded to cover the whole of North Wales from Gwynedd to the Cheshire Border. The Group was granted charity status in 1986 and we are affiliated to The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and The Badger Trust...

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Do you have an interest in badger welfare and conservation?

If you have our aims at heart you will be most welcome to join us - for as little as £5 a year!

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Clwyd Badger Group

To report an injured badger to us please telephone: 01352 740787

For all other enquiries please complete our contact form or write to us.