Our Woods

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Our Woods

Our Woods

Where? Near Ysceifiog in the hamlet of Mynydd Llan Badger digging was a problem here so we were pleased to get the opportunity to buy these woods around 1993. The sett between our section of CoedTH and the Woodland Trusts' had been badly damaged, as had other setts in the area. We also acquired a narrow strip, 'the meadow', adjacent to a small tributary of the River Wheeler, opposite to the WTs wood and this was fenced off to prevent flora damage

We are putting biodiversity into practice!

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Please contact us It would be very helpful if you would like to adopt a section, however small, of the woods to monitor and care for.

We are indebted to many people, including professionals, for their help and advice over the years.

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The meadow

The meadow is part flooded and has a glorious display of marsh marigolds in early spring. Alders and our planted black poplars and alder buckthorns provide a rich habitat while the clearings we have created come alive in spring and summer with meadow sweet, water avens, ragged robin and orchids among other less noticeable plants.

The Woods

Over the years we have added more and more bird, bat and dormouse boxes, planted native species and, lately, created glades. The more use we made of the wood, the less likely badger digging would occur.Badgers make continual use of our woods, using different setts in Coed Tyddyn Halen. We have seen a remarkable transformation of the flora whenever we have created glades, allowing sunlight to reach the woodland floor. Other felling planned for this winter will concentrate on hazel coppicing for the benefit of our elusive dormice.


We have found lovely dormice nests in two of our 57 boxes but we have yet to find a dormouse, probably because we only have time to clean the boxes in winter and not enough time to monitor the boxes at other times, when a licence is required. However we do know for certain that there are dormice currently very close to our woods and the dormouse picture was taken about 500m away from our wood.


Bats regularly use some of our 27 bat boxes but now and again they take a fancy to one of our bird boxes!


We have 35 bird boxes of which most are used, not always by birds. Wasps and bees use several and often the birds, especially tits, prefer our dormouse boxes!

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